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VISO - Virtual Information Security Officer

eCi's Virtual Information Security Officers can assist in developing, implementing and managing information security programs while reducing the expenses associated with retaining a full time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Virtual Information Security Officers
Whats is A Virtual Information Security Officer?

Our Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO) service is designed for organizations that need someone to take responsibility for the implementation or management of their information security program but don’t need a full-time, W2 CISO. Hiring a CISO is expensive, ECI provides everything you need at a fraction of the cost.

With VISO Services

With our VISO service, any security service eCi offers is immediately available to you. Typically organizations engage eCi VISO’s to contribute security expertise and thought leadership to their security and IT teams, steering committees, C-level executives or or similar.

ECI’s VISO service can include as little as a few hours per month based on client need. It is a perfect way for organizations to keep security professionals engaged with their team without the cost of hiring a security employee.

How Much Does VISO Services Cost?

Fees associated with our VISO services vary based on the engagement. In general, we work with our clients to develop the VISO package that meets their needs and build a pricing model around the package. Costs are reduced by not paying for one or more full-time employee where one isn’t needed. This creates savings of salaries, fringe benefits, training and payroll taxes. Additionally, capital costs associated with procurement of software and tools for these individuals are also avoided creating even more value for your organization.

Federal CyberSecurity Stats*

Alarming statistics from the federal government expose major concerns across most agencies

Federal Cyber Incident In 2015

More Incidents Than 2014

Incidents of Mishandled Info

Policy Violations Reported


MeriTalk** asked 100 cyber security professionals to identify the sources of the top 3 security  breaches they commonly encounter. The results from this survey has revealed major security gaps across most organizations.

    • 30.4% Downloading Files

    • 29% Surfing the Web

    • 16.1% Accessing Networks

    • 13.4% Transfering Files

    • 11.1% Uploading Files

*Source: Office of Management & Budget Annual FISMA Report (2015)
**Source: MeriTalk Report – The Cyber Security Experience (2013)

VISO Benifits

The VISO Program has the following benefits

Time & Resources

Mitigate financial constraints involved in hiring, training & retaining a full time resource


The scope of VISO services can be customized to your environment and Security Program


Certified resources with expertise across multiple frameworks and environments including experience and expertise in the areas of information security, legal and regulatory compliance and IT Governance


Reduce risk involving internal conflict of interest and ensure independence

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